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Lights at the Beach

You aren't supposed to shoot in the middle of the day, but I like how it looks when you use lights during the day. I love the sky that time of day. I used a single Godox AD200 through a Cheetahstand Cheetah 26" Quick SoupBowl softbox. 

  • Natalie and Flowers

    A few weeks back I had a beach shoot set up with Natalie, which went maybe better than any other shoot I've had! Right by the beach we were going to shoot, there was a field of flowers just kinda on some empty land, so I suggested we do something there…


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Cleaning the dirt off the car.

Been way too busy with NONphotographic things lately, which stinks! And I haven't been taking my camera out for "fun" much anymore. I mean, it is ALL fun, but too often for me lately its all been serious shoots. I haven't just grabbed a camera and seen… Read more

Part One of Three. Pink.

Going up and bugging my friends at Wonderland Studios is always helpful when I need help with my creativity… Read more

Off roading isn't what my car is made for.

A while ago I signed up for a group shoot with a model I like that was supposed to take place on El Mirage Dry Lake bed. It got delayed several times, but finally was supposed to happen. We all get out there AND, nope. We can not shoot out of the lake… Read more